IHF seal

Our top matchballs are certified by the International Handball Federation (IHF). This seal affirms the production of top quality balls, in terms of circumference, roundness, weight and bounce.

The figures shown apply only to IHF size 3 balls:

1. Circumference

Circumference is a decisive factor governing ball control. Balls which are too big or small are more difficult to handle. In this test the circumference of the ball is measured at 16 different points, at a ball pressure of 0.5 bar. The size required for IHF certification is from 580 - 600 mm.

2. Roundness

The shape of the ball must be perfectly round in order to guarantee consistent flight and comfortable handling. The ball is measured again at 16 different points, at a pressure of 0.5 bar. This time the diameter is calculated; the difference between the biggest and smallest diameter measurements must be no more than 2% in the “IHF BALL”.

3. Weight

The weight of the ball is very important to an accurate passing game. If the ball is too heavy the player has to use much more energy to execute an accurate pass. The exact weight of a ball is calculated after 24 hours in a closed room at a temperature of 21°C and air humidity of 65%. The prescribed weight is between 425 and 475 g.

4. Bounce

The bounce of a ball depends on the ball’s structure, its bladder and the air pressure. If this drops too much the ball will quickly lose its bounce. To prevent this there is another test. The air pressure is measured twice at an interval of 72 hours and the results compared. The ball is pumped up to a pressure of 0.6 bar and that pressure is not allowed to drop by more than 15%.

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